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Welcome to First Aid and Fire Training UK. Our website offers a wide range of first aid and fire warden courses, as well as fire extinguisher services. All our training is supplied by Safe Interventions Training UK who are a reliable and growing business in the UK.

Every member of our training team are experienced fire fighters and have served, are are still serving on the front line of emergency situations in the UK on a daily basis. The emergency trauma care and fire safety they provide to the pulic is now available to individuals and businesses who choose to attend our popular courses.

Each instructor receives continuous training in trauma care and fire safety, and also provides trauma care training to fellow members of the fire and rescue service.

On successful completion of our courses, each candidate with be registered with Ofqual and supplied with an Ofqual certificate.

Our open training courses...


We run a number of first aid courses including ‘First Aid at Work’, ‘Paediatric First Aid’, ‘Emergency First Aid at Work and ’First Aid Re-Qualification Courses’. These are availble through our Open Courses or at your venue or place of work.


Our fire safety courses are run by our team of highly experienced fire fighters. Our fire safety courses include ‘Fire Warden Training’ and our 'Fire Safety Course', both with hands on use of real extinguishers if required.


We can refill, repair and service all kinds of fire extinguisher. We also stock fire extinguishers which are available immediately if yours is found to be faulty.

Who we are and why you can trust us...

All our first aid training falls in line with HSE first aid at work regulations 1981. All candidates receive an Ofqual certificate which is valid for three years. Our first aid instructors will ensure all our training is fun, interesting and as interactive as the candidates wish. The training equipment provided is new, up to date and as realistic as any you will find within the industry. Our free first aid manuals are excellent, clear and easy to navigate, ensuring your training and information is easy to access and maintain even after the course.


Our fire warden courses are carried out by experienced fire fighters who have years of experience tackling fires, providing advice to the public and carrying out safety inspections on places of work. Within our courses you'll learn the roles and responsibilities of the fire warden, the dangers of fire spread and fire behaviour, and fire safety within the work place. You'll also learn how to use fire extinguishers and about the many different types of fire for which extinguishers are available, because each classification of fire requires a certain type of extinguisher to be used against it. All the training will be as realistic, and as fun as possible, with easy going and friendly instructors.

Our fire safety courses are designed for you as an employee to help recognise fire hazards in the work place, have a better knowledge of what to do in the event of a fire, as well as the dangers of smoke spread and fire behaviour. It will also teach the you how to recognise the types of fires certain extinguishers are to be used against. All these skills will help to ensure your work place becomes a safer environment and prevents you, or your employees, placing themselves in danger.


Every member of our highly experienced team have acquired many years of experience handling and using fire extinguishers of all types. All of our fire extinguisher services can be carried out on your premises. We offer a full range of services, with up to date training and equipment. Any extinguishers that are found unserviceable, a replacement can be provided immediately to avoid any break down of safety levels to your work force.

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